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Visual pixel props

we are manufacturing LED pixels props for performers since 2011

Since that time we have gained a lot of experience from designing LED pixel visual props for world´s most known performance troupes. Our products are designed to be easy to use, wirelessly synchronized and to survive harsh performance conditions.

We offer a wide range of LED pixel products from small props with 4 pixels to big ones with over 500 pixels. All our products run in one connected environment, with the same programming software and controls. Besides the standard products such as pixelmodules and hula hoops,we have developed impressive visual props – full pixel staff, pixel cube and pixel cyrwheel. Based on the experience from big stage performances, we offer a system for making custom light installations synchronized with our props.



Our software works on the most important platforms. LighTriX Editor is avaible for Windows and OSx, LTX Remote for Windows, OSX, Android and iOs


Wide Product Range

We offer pixel poi/staff props – pixelmodules, smart pixel hoops, full pixels staffs, led pixel fans and special props such as LED pixel cube and LEd pixel cyrwheel.


360° True view

Most of our props use fully transparent leds, so you can enjoy uninterrupted image from any angle


WiFi wreless connection

All our props can be synchronized via WiFi. Data can be uploaded via WiFi as well, so there is no need for inserting USB cables over and over again


Robust construction

We are using only high qaulity materials such as polycarbonate for pixelmodules and pixel staffs, carbon fiber for pixel cube and pixel fans and durable polypropylene tubing for hoops.

Our designs are proved by time and numerous shows performed by renowned artists.

Our LED visual pixel props are using persistence of vision effect {POV}

POV – persistence of vision

Persistence of vision effect used in our visual pixel props is based on light from quickly blinking LEDs staying our eye´s retinas. This allows to “paint images in the air”.

Our system allows popular moving light animations and optical illusions as well


To meet today´s standarts, we are using latest and high quality parts in our designs. Such as WiFi featured controllers, high brightness and low power consumption LEDs and strong contruction materials such as polycarbonate and carbon fiber.

All our props are using timecode based synchronization and wireless data uploads


All our products use a timecode based synchronization system to make sure

your show runs smoothly. Even if one prop is turned on later, it catches up

with the others. Using our application for computers and mobile devices you can synchronize music as well and start everything together with one button on the remote control.

Do you want to rehearse just a part of a complex show?

No need to start from the beginning. You can set playback start to the desired time and play only the bit you need – light sequences in props and the music will play from that moment.


You do not need to plug in USB cables to get a new sequence to the prop. Just make sure it is on, connected to WiFi network and press “Upload” in LTX Remote application.

All our products connect to WiFi network to exchange data.

Each prop features 10 slots to store sequences.



You can see our main products here. Pixel modules – pixel poi and stick in one solution, levi stick, full pixel staffs, LED pixel smart hoops, pixel fans, LED pixel cyrwheel and pixel cube.


All our props are programmed in one enviroment. Mosaic – music timeline based editor

LTX Mosaic

It is easy to program shows with our timeline based software. Upload your music and images from our databanks or create your own. Then you can benefit from effects like time stretch, mirror and vertical repeat. Colors and color fades can be easily set in the software directly

LTX Remote

Do you want control your props via Remote? Why not from your phone/tablet or computer.

It is easy with LTX Remote – you can sync music playback, upload data with just few clicks. Set colors and strobes as well